Saw blade grinder (carbide saw sharpener). Uses diamond grinding wheel, high precision roller bearing rail for working table.
The blade of ths grinder is attached by electromagnetic disc, convenient to draw knife & high precision (magnetic disc is in parallel with the rail +/-0.02mm). With the cooling device design, saw blade will not heat up.
 Grinding Capacity Dia. 110 - 660 mm
 Grinding Motor 1/2 hp
 Eccentric Motor 40W
 Cooling Motor 1/8 hp
 Grinding Speed 4000 rpm (50hz)/ 5000 rpm (60hz)
Automatic saw blade grinder (carbide saw sharpener). Plc controlled. This grinder also accepts trapezium shaped tooth blade.

This grinder adopts PLC control system for easy operation. Operator enters required data such as the number of tooth & manually adjusts tooth pitch, then the grinder will automatically run until it reaches the inserted data. This grinder accepts trapezium shaped tooth blade as well.

 Grinding Capacity Dia. 120 - 800 mm
 Saw Bore Dia. 10 - 110 mm
 Grinding Motor 1 hp
 Cooling Motor 1/6 hp
 Blade Thickness 8 mm
 Tooth Pitch 6 - 75 mm
 Grinding Speed Up to 20 teeth/min
 Power 2.25 KW
 Hydraulic Pressure 40 bar
 Water Pump Flow 50 L/min
CNC multi axis automatic saw blade grinder (carbide saw sharpener). Servo motor controlled, for multi-types tooth blade use.

This CNC auto multi axis grinder is servo motor controlled, suitable to grind multi types of blade with easy operation, application includes flat tooth, hook shaped tooth,chamfered tooth, etc.

 Grinding Capacity Dia. 120 - 800 mm
 Saw Bore Dia. 10 - 85 mm
 Grinding Motor 3 hp
 Cooling Motor 1/6 hp
 Clearance & Hook Angle Motor 1/4 hp
 Grinding Wheel Feeding Motor 0.4 KW (for servo motor drive use)
 Tooth Pushing Motor 0.8 KW (for servo motor drive use)
 Clearance & Hook  Angle 5° - 45°/ 0° - 40°
 Bevel Grinding Top Angle 5° - 45°/ Face Angle 0° - 30°
 Grinding Speed 3400 rpm (50hz)/ 4000 rpm (60hz)
 Grinding Wheel Thickn. 20 mm
 Blade Thickness 0.5 - 5 mm
Steel & metal cutting blade: aluminum cutting blade, tungsten carbide saw blade, cold cut saw, bimetal band saw blade, etc.
Aluminum Cutting Saw Blade
This saw blade adopts trapezoidal & flat tooth to cut stainless steel & al alloy.
Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade
This saw blade is high quality alloy steel body and carbide tip, suitable for cutting carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, cu & al, etc. Max. cutting dia. 450mm, for various types of cutting machine use in room temperature.
Hot/ Cold Rolled Steel Saw Blade
Hot Saw Blade ranges dia. 530-2500mm, with ample coolant flow under high pressure for clearing scrap from surface, suitable for cutting HR above 750°C. Wide applications in hot roll mills for tube, rail, etc. Body material: 45Mn2V, 50Mn2V, 65Mn, 51Mn7, 46Mn; tooth is high hardness (HRC50-55) & anti-abrasive. Cold Saw Blade is widely used for cutting small sections e.g. welded tube, channel & angle steel in room temperature. It is high hardness, abrasive-assistant. Smooth cutting section & high speed production.
Cold Metal Cut Saw Blade
Suitable for cutting carbon steel carbon content under 0.45% & other alloy steel. The blade features high resistant surface, and requires lower temperature, noise & powerforce. Which allows the blade to be more durable & simplifies users' subsequent manufacturing processes to reduce overall cost.
Bimetal Band Saw Blade
Ranges from small to large size for cutting solids and profiles in single, layer and bundle. The material is cast iron, stainless & acid-resistant, for cutting non-furrous metal and steel metal HRC 40. Serves from basic workshop use to universal & serial cutting.
HSS Metal Saw Blade
High speed steel saw blade O.D. 45-150, 250-450.