This machine is designed with slide rail up-down & high-power cutting for ultra stability which enhances sawing speed & accuracy and allows cutter to be more durable. Material infeed by pushing reduces the amount of cutting tails. The machine is PLC controlled with auto-counter for easy operation & maintainence. Saw blade protection mechanism automatically stops the machine as alarm when the blade is blunt, this also ensures no burr on cutting section. There is an attached vaccum device for scraps collecting.

Circular sawing machine for fence post making. Slide rail up-down & high power cutting. PLC control & auto counting feature.
 Sawing Capacity 145
 Cutting Motor 10 hp
 Cutting Speed 3400 rpm
 Cooling Pump 1/8 hp
 Saw Blade Size dia. 300 - 400 mm
 Vise Opening Width Max. 150 mm
 Cutting Length 10-500 mm

This machine is designed for nonferrous metal sawing, and cutting wide or multiple pieces at a time. High power design for sturdy fixture, operator adjusts horsepower depending on cutting object, this machine can clamp irregular objects & slightly bended material. Material feeding is servo motor controlled, cutting legnth tolerance within 0.1 mm. After cutting, the machine seperates end product before blade withdrawal to avoid marks on surface. Attached oil mist coolant device on cutter allows cutting section to be smooth & blade to be durable.

Circular sawing machine for fence post making. Suitable for irregular shapes cutting. Object feeding is servo motor control.
 Cutting Capacity Rectangular: W 380 x H 120 mm
Square: W 150 x H 150 mm
Round: dia. 220 x 1 pcs; dia. 150 x 2 pcs
 Application For cutting nonferrous metal, aluminum extrusion, alumimum alloy, copper, cooling fin, plastic steel, bakelite, plastic material, etc. non metal material.
 Cutting Length 10 - 2000 mm
 Min. Cutting Size 60 mm
 Main Power Shaft Power 10 hp, double van hydraulic pump 30L
 Control Servo Motor Feeding, Numeric Figure Control
With Touch Screen
 Cutting Length 10 - 500 mm

This machine's interior cutting & auto bar-clamping design saves manpower & time with low noise for user. The cutter is fixed with angles to enhance cutting accuracy, and while cutting the auto oil spray and cooling system leaves no scraps on blades which makes the blade to be more durable.

Aluminum circular sawing machine. With auto clamping fixture design. Max cutting width 300mm, max cutting thickness 125mm.
 Sawing Capacity Max. Cutting Width: 300 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness: 125 mm
 Cutting Angle 90° & 45°
 Cutting Speed 3500 rpm
 Table Area 650 x 680 mm
 Power 5 hp
High speed circular sawing machine. Taiwan machinery. Made in Taiwan.
 Sawing Capacity Round Tube: dia. 155 mm
Trough Shape: 140 x 140 mm
Rectangular: 80 x 180 mm
 Main Power 5 hp/ 2 p
 Cutting Speed 3000 rpm

This Multi Angle Circular Saw Machine can work in various angles, and it is designed with setting points that ensures high accuracy saw-cutting & fast set-up. The automatic saw blade lubrication design not only extends the service life of blade, but also allows the cutting section to have no burr.

Circular sawing machine for 45 degree cut, 90 degree cut. Application: aluminum door cutting, aluminum window cutting, etc.
Model CM-230 CM-450
Application Aluminum door & window, radiating fin, stereo panel,
plastic steel material, aluminum extrude type bakelite board, paper tube, etc.
 Sawing Capacity 90°: 230 x 150 mm
45°: 173.5 x 150 mm
90°: 450 x 200 mm
45°: 400 x 200 mm
 Cutting Angle 15°, 30°, 45°, 90° 15°, 30°, 45°, 90°
 Cutting Motor 3 hp 7-1/2 hp
 Cutting Speed 3500 rpm 2700 rpm

This machine uses high wearproof linear slide rail which enlarges cutting width & ensures precise angle cutting. The pressure to press raw material is adaptable, so to avoid product deformation. With auto lubrication design, the blade is more durable & can avoid burr on cutting section.

Linear type 45 degree angle cut, double blade angle saw machine.
 Sawing Capacity Max. Cutting Width: 140 mm
Max. Cutting Thickness: 95 mm
 Cutting Angle 45°
 Cutting Speed 3600 rpm
 Cutting Motor 3 hp x 2
 Feeding Rack 1200 mm
 Output Rack 1525 mm